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Science Group

In a chemistry class a ‘volcanic’ reaction is demonstrated to the children’s delight.
Volcano experiment


Children in the reading corner in Primary A

Books in Homes

In April, on the last day of term, each child received a bag of books to take home.

Bush Tucker Excursion

Looking for bush tucker
Digginhg for bush onion Bush onions

Early in June Eveline Clancy and Gracie Mosquito, local elders, took the children on an excursion to find bush tucker. They dug for bush onions in the sand, picked tomatoes and searched the coolibah gums for witchetty grubs.


Excursion Lirra

students with binoculars

Walking Lake Gregory Shoreline Testing water quality

Late in June the Rangers accompanied the children on an excursion to the lake shore where they measured the quality of the water with testing kits.