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Staff Handbook, Policies and Plans!
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1.1 Religious Education Policy

1.2 Pastoral Care Policy
1.3 Curriculum Framework Planner

1.4 Literacy Policy

1.5 Learning Technologies Plan ver

1.5 Learning Technologies Plan

1.6 Crisis Management Plan (updated 2012)

2.1 Student Enrolment and Attendance Policy

2.10 ICT Student Use Policy

2.12 Privacy Policy ver

2.12 Privacy Policy

2.2 Excursion Policy (updated 2012)

2.3 Harrassment Policy

2.4 Student Management Policy (updated 2012)

2.6 Texts Selection Policy

2.8 Management of Confidential Information and Records Policy

2.9 Information and Commucation Technology use by Staff Policy

2.10 School Staff Charter (2012)
2.11 Staff Meeting Protocols (Draft) (2012)

3.2 Health and Physical Education Policy

3.3 Aboriginal Studies Policy

3.4 Reconciliation Policy

Evangelization Plan

Information Technology Plan

Student ICT Standards

Teacher ICT Standards














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